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::[ K.I.R.I.B.A.N]::

As the title of the journal suggests, I'm thinking of a Kiriban? This is my first time doing this though. Now, honestly, I didn't quite get how this Kiriban thing worked, when a fellow Deviant asked if I'd have one.  

As requested,

- If you catch my kiriban(pageviews), take a screenshot of it and note me.
- If you're the lucky winner, I'll illustrate a piece on your request.
  (Character Art)

Kiriban on Pageviews: 33,333

::[S I M S 3]::

Now, just a little update on my side..
I managed to get The Sims3 Collectors Edition and attended the launch at the Iluma on 2nd June!!
The first 600 get a free tee. I got there way before the event started but there were at least 3-4 hundred people in line already? Pre-orders came with an ultra-cool 2gb plumbob thumbdrive, a keychain, free tee or plumbob headband a few other random Sims merchandises (mugs, pens,cardboard foldable plumbobs, posters etc.) and the Game!

Now here's the thing, I have the game.. and we all know how addictive The Sims can be, no?
Well, I have month's worth of stuff to clear, clean, finish off and fix.. Be it work, personal pieces I oughta finish, Fanart for Cosfest or fixing the boards and pins raining off my wall, I'm gonna get it all done before I even think of installing The Sim3!!

Yea, I am saving myself the trouble of last minute rushed work or having more stuff fall off my wall and kill me while I'm in the zone.

Urgh!! M-MUST FOCUS!!! :iconffffplz:



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My gawwwsh.

How long has it been since I updated anything here. Gotta clear some cobwebs..

Been super busy in the past month and for good reason too! :) This year me and :iconephirel: were gonna join EOY 2008, which was on Saturday,13th Dec.. running a booth to sell some fan art and stuff.. and not to mention join.. it was my first time going to that event!! Though I had not slept in 1.5days, it was a great experience! It somehow felt like being in school again.. everyone was friendly and we could just start chatting even though we had never met before.

One thing's for sure.. I was so glad I managed to complete all the art works I had planned, even though it meant living like a vampire for a pretty darn long time..! And to actually see the response of people buying/browsing was too cool. Honest comments with a dash of harshness sometimes.

Sales were pretty alright. My large prints for the Christmas Cards were sold out [except for the one I stuck on the wall], and :iconephirel:'s Soul Eater Calendars were out too!!

Awesomely 2 friends of ours, [:iconseras-v: and :iconshinrei-hotaru:], were selling stuff in the opposite booth and some other friends had popped by too! Namely, [:icona-human-works:, :iconthenork:, :iconhuizai:, :iconkirmu:,Kit, Aaron, Wilson, Ada and both my bros]. :)
Really appreciate all the support from family,friends and the EOY goers!

For now.. I'm gonna try to live as a human again. *looks at the time...* oh great.

PS: Sonic Unleashed.......IS ROCKIN MY SOCKS OFFFFFF!!!!!
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Hello people!

I'm currently free for commission! :)
It's a paid commission of course and the rate is neogotiable. Just tell me what subject you want, along with the style etc~!

I mainly do:

- Characters (lines / colour)
- Card Art
- Greeting Cards

Lastly, anything you want~ whether it's sketching or conceptualizing an idea. :)

Just drop me a note or email anytime~ Whheeee~ :typerhappy:
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[+] M E T A L G E A R S O L I D 4 [+]

Been a week since MGS4 was opened,played and watched and seriously... I neeeed moooooreeeee...!

I wanna play through MGS1, 2 and 3! Since both 1 and 2 were on PC, I was tempted to buy the new releases for the PS2 but they don't have VR missions. Hopefully I'll just have to wait a little longer before Integral and Subsistence hits the shelves! XD

Gawd!!! Hideo Kojima needs to be punished! It's all his fault!!! RAH!  :P

Anyone with a PS3 has to have this game!!! :headbang:
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The first Marvel film I decided to watch a second time while in the first 30 min of the show. Thing is, I was never a huge Iron Man fan like I was with Spider Man. I thought the cartoon was boring and the Iron Man from Marvel vs Capcom pissed me off everytime I encounted him. "Darn cheapo!"

I'm glad I took the chance and gave $10.5 a try on the moive. And boy am I glad I did. :]
Robert Downey Jr. did Tony Stark so well, I'd believe they were the same person. Prolly reason behind it's his 'shady' past..? Really glad he got out of it and back on his feet.

Well, like Transformers and Ratatouille, this is gonna be another show I'd watch multiple times, especially for the SFX. Yaaay!

Can't wait for Iron Man 2 [WAR MACHINE!!!!!!!!] !!! Time to get them comics to keep me busy!! AGHH!!

For those who haven't watched it?
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Yay! My hamster's a year old! Got him a week after Fusion 2007. :3 Meaning he's got about 1 year more to live, or a year ++ if i take good care of him. :)

Too bad Hamster's only live up to 2 years or so.. still theyre interesting enough with different habits and personalities. :D If i had to keep hamsters my whole life, i'd known about 40 versions of 'em~! .. Well, the current model's name is Cloudy, he's the second one I've gotten. First one was Xiao Xue.. To me, he was the greatest and most awesome pet I could ever have at that point of time in my life. T_T

While I was muggin for the O levels, also during my 1st year in DMD, while I'd work on assignments till it was time for school the next day.. he'd just run around my desk and keep me company..

But havnt been able to let my current Ham play around on my desk since I got my laptop on it. *sigh* What other way is there to have these sorta 'bondings' with Hams?  geez.. i wish i could just keep a dog.. Or a cat!!

..MAybe A TigER! that'll kick ass! :headbang:
Buur.. just realised how long it's been seen I wrote my last journal.

Well, I graduated in March and after the Fusion Show 2007, I was mostly gaming, hangin out with friends and doin' some sketchin for my own interest. Didn't upload those cause they're better off stuck in my sketch book, for now at least. :)

In April, I was hanging out with my friends 80% of the time, playing games, movies, sketching some place together and celebratin' me 21st Birthday~ "yay yay!"

Went to Perth to visit my sister for the month of May and hoped to find a peace of mind there, so I could do some traditional paintings with perhaps a different feel from home. However, I came back with more drawings, a short comic and 2 lousy water colour paintings. XP

In July, I finally started working freelance on a comic for IFS. Thanks to :iconkiiiat: who introduced me to the job. It was a cool and interesting job to take up since I always wondered what it was like to be involved with producing comic books.

Went for an interview and before I knew it, I had last than a month before I offically started work [August 3rd].

It's almost 2 months since I've been at IFS and everyday's been great~! Yea, Im someone who loves long and abnormal sleeping hours, like 4am - 12pm.. but even though I have to wake up at 8am, which is freakin' early to me, I manage to bounce out of bed and feel good about starting a new day. ;)

The people are great fun. Which is a big deal to me. I hate places where everyone's just a facade or are just plain pooheads~ And you have to act a certain way to gain respect etc..

Still, after work I find myself pretty zonked out and hardly have enough energy to work on Temple Guardians and personal illustrations. I'll need to find a way to work this out or it'll mean it's another few months before I update my DA.  =)

Rah rah raH~!!!
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Hahaa.... school hols started 5 weeks ago and is ending in just a few days time ....  

Wish i could come up with something before it STARTS again .. (since i've promised :iconoyamada-manta: already). ;P  So hopefully the next one comin up would be a Shaman King piece .. :)

Feeling a little more inspirational after :iconephirel:'s works just now .. (*so sickening*) lol..!!!

Thanks everyone for watching and favoritzing my works...!!! Sorry for not posting anything for so long.. couldn't think of what to post... :P

yours*~ Haru-Ningster